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Mcdonalds vs Burger King Survey
The two fast food restaurants I typically visit most often are Burger King and McDonald's. Both offer good food options, however there are some differences in their overall menu selection and level of customer service.

When it comes to customer service, I would have to say that McDonald's has a slight advantage over Burger King. This is based on the restaurants I have visited anyway. Whenever I visit a Burger King restaurant, there seems to be a higher chance that I will not get everything I ordered. This is not to say that every Burger King restaurant I have visited has given bad... - read more...

Proxy voting for Common Stock Investors on

For small shareholders of common stock, casting a vote on reelecting the board of directors and voting on important company issues used to be an affair where you have to travel to the company's meeting for shareholders. However, with the introduction of proxy voting, this is no longer necessary.

Through proxy voting, you can use several mechanisms to cast your vote and still let your voice be heard without the inconvenience and expenses of being physically present at a shareholders meeting. For the company, it also saves cost through a more efficient way to collecting the votes and... - read more...

My Search To Find Which Schools Produced the Greatest Number of Notable Alumni
One of things that has always piqued my interest, is where did some of today's and yesterday's politicians, entertainers and business leaders attended school.

I can remember back when I was in high school, all the college and university literature I received all included promotional testimonials from notable and famous people. I guess this was part of the school's strategy to attract the highest number of entry level students. Reading and all these testimonials really made me curious, so I started researching various schools and... - read more...

In This Current Economy, Is It Better to Be a Renter or Homeowner?
One of the latest consumer reports released in June revealed that over thirteen million people had “underwater” mortgages. This number ranged from homes being underwater by fifteen to sixty five five percent. There are some currently in this situation who wished that they never purchased a home in the first place.

Because of the low home values, it has made it nearly impossible to sell a home today. It is estimated that there are about seven million people today who wish they could sell their home so they could... - read more...

A Look at Some of Today's “Lesser Known” Successful Technology Companies
For about the last four years now, the companies that have generated the most interest from the technology community have been Google, Apple and Facebook. Some of the reasons these companies have been such a major focus over the past several years, has been related to the launch of the iPad, Mark Zuckerburg taking Facebook public, and Google's ongoing quest to take over the internet. No one will argue that these companies have achieved some great accomplishments, however there are also some great things being achieved by several “lesser known” technology companies... - read more...

My First Experience at a Vintage Clothing Store
In my opinion, one of the best places to find affordable high quality clothes and furniture is at a local area vintage store or thrift shop.

In this current economy, sales at thrift shops and vintage have increased since last year by almost sixty five percent. This is because those who used to shop at high end stores likes Macy's and Bloomingdale's, can no longer afford to shop there because they either got laid or have had a significant reduction in their weekly working hours. However, many of these people wished that they... - read more...

What Will The Outlook be for Small Business Owners in 2013?

If 2012 is any indication of how things will be for small business owners next year, then most are probably already working on a more aggressive strategic plan and business strategy.

After struggling through the last four years, small business owners across the country are seriously ready for a change. This includes seeing their revenue and sales increase, and also finally being able to hire more employees. In addition, many business owners are also hoping to see some ... - read more...

My Personal Quest to Find Out Why Cupcakes are So Popular

Since I have read so many articles about the popularity of cupcakes lately, I decided to go on a personal “cupcake” search during my summer vacation in Atlanta.

Just within the last four to five months, I have read close to twenty different stories about how cupcakes are making a comeback, and how they are also the ultimate dessert. This news and information definitely piqued my curiosity and interest, so I coordinated a game plan to visit several cupcake locations in and around the... - read more...

Does Appearing on a Reality Show Really Improve a Company's Image or Generate Interest in its Brand?
After previewing my TV schedule, I saw that in addition to “housewives shows” and “entertainment competitions”, corporate america has now also become a part of reality television.

I should have known that it would be only a matter of time before the business community would become a part of the reality tv mix. My guess is that businesses are getting involved in reality television so they can promote and advertise their company. If this is the case, then that the economic conditions in some industries must be worst then I... - read more...

A Healthier Way To Eat Chinese Food
I have had many friends in recent months who stopped ordering Chinese food, because they have major concerns that MSG might be in it.

Within the past ten to fifteen years, the MSG ingredient has been taken out of most restaurant recipes because of its negative health effects. Despite the fact that many Chinese restaurants have stopped using MSG in their food, there are still people who refuse to eat because they don't want to take any chances.

For all those who are guarding against MSG but... - read more...

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